Summer Ladder 2020

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Court Sports Tennis Ladder Rules

(Summer 2020 season - Rules) A temporary rule has been added to the ladder in response to coronavirus: The new rule mandates that both players must agree on safety concerns that any player may bring up such as using 2 can of balls for when serving. For example: During the match, players will serve with their can of balls only. When it is the other player’s turn to serve, use only the balls they brought. Rules:
⦁ Any player can challenge anyone and take their spot! You can only challenge up to 20 spots down.
⦁ The higher seed at the time of the challenge has home court. It doesn’t matter who makes the challenge unless the players agree to another mutual location to meet up.
⦁ The player who issues the challenge must bring the balls.
⦁ Player have 2 days to report a score. The challenge score report is invalid after 2 days if not reported.
⦁ Players are to issue all challenges via phone, text or email.
⦁ Any player who doesn’t get at least one match a month will be dropped to the bottom of the ladder.
⦁ You must play at least 10 matches to qualify for the season ending tournament and prizes.
⦁ A match can only be defaulted for no-shows or cancellation within 24 hours of the scheduled match time. All defaults must be emailed to court-sports with in 24 hours of the default.
⦁ Matches interrupted by weather or other issues must be completed before another match can be played. Players can, by mutual agreement, decide when to complete the match.
General Information: ⦁ All ladders are co-ed singles.
⦁ Two seasons a year, Summer and Winter.
⦁ Entry fee is only $9.95 paid at registration online.
⦁ Ladders have open signups all season.
⦁ End of season tournaments to be held for the top players of the ladder depending on draw size.
⦁ Prizes are given to the champion and runner-up of the ladder.
⦁ Prizes are also given bonus points for most matches played and the top 2 match players automatically qualify for the tournament even if you have a non winning record.
⦁ Must be at least 16 or over to play.
Match Play Fomats: (USTA Rules Govern All Matches)
⦁ Matches are best 2 of 3 sets with a 12 point tiebreaker at six all. We require the 3rd set be played out the same as the first 2 sets.
⦁ U.S.T.A rules govern all on court play. CHALLENGE FORMAT:
⦁ You can challenge anyone up and take their spot. You can only challenge up to 20 spots down.
⦁ If the lower seed wins, they will take the spot of the higher seed. If they lose, no movement will occur.
⦁ Players must wait 7 days before playing the same person again.
⦁ Players must have at least 10 matches played in order to be eligible for the playoffs. Playoff draw sizes are based on the number of active players on the ladder.
⦁ Players unable to play can request to be placed on the injured list, if you can not resume playing that season for injuries, you will receive the next season free. We do not issue refunds.
⦁ Final decision regarding the appropriate levels is at the discretion of Court-Sports.
⦁ Match solicitation for any non-ladder matches via the ladder is strictly prohibited.
Anyone soliciting for non-ladder purposes will be removed from the ladder. You can meet a player, make a new friend and play for fun just not via the ladder.
Season Ending Tournament Prizes:
⦁ Winner and runner-up trophies
⦁ Gift card to the winner and runner up
⦁ Amazing T-shirts for everyone who qualifies for the tournamnet

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