Summer League 2020

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Keep It Simple and Fun!
Here are our league basic rules:
First, our goal is to provide you with a competitive but fun league! Our league features great swag, the ability to meet great players to play and make new friends and an awesome trophy at the end of each season to the winner.
Second, we think that you know how to be a good tennis players and know the rules of tennis. We expect you to show up on time, bring a can of balls to each match and show up with the right attitude to meet a new tennis friend.
Third, we expect that you know tennis scoring, all of our matches are best of 3 sets. No exceptions. If you have to default once a match has started the match is automatically given to the other player. Its only fair and this keeps it simple. Remember, once you have played our required matches in a season you can schedule a rematch with the player you defaulted to and get your revenge.
Fourth, If you cancel a match within 2 hours of a scheduled match it is up to your opponent to default you or simple reschedule. Lets keep this simple. Most people are good people, communicate your issue and resolve this as adults.
Fifth, we expect you to play. This means that if you joined a season we expect you to get out there and play tennis.
The Basic Process:
1. Each season you will have a minimum number of matches to play to qualify for the play offs.
2. You can play any players more than once after you have played your required matches. We encourage you to get your REVENGE!. All in good fun of course.
3. We expect you to be respectful of others, bring your can of balls, be on time and throw away you trash at the end of match. No but really, we need to keep our courts looking nice.
4. If you are 15 minutes late to a match you can be defaulted by your opponent unless they want to wait for you. You are an ADULT, communicate with them you are running late, don't leave them hanging. We assume you have a cell phone.
5. We follow USTA scoring rules and our site had the downloadable version of "Friends of the Court", this book from the USTA tells you everything about the rules of TENNIS, read it!
6. Your USTA Tennis level. We use the honor system. This means if you are a 4.0 level player you need to be in a level for your playing ability. Anyone who tries to "cheat" the system will be severely punished, just kidding, you will simply be moved to the appropriate division if available.
The Play Offs, The SWAG!
1. At the end of each season there will be play offs.
2. The play offs must be played in the time frame outlined.
3. The winner and runner up of each season, in each division get swag. The winner get a trophy from us with their name on it declaring them the winner. We send it to you just like Amazon.
More rules to come but for now- "Lets Play"

Join a rung up tennis ladder now and compete with tennis players in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater.