Post Match Score

How to: Post Scores and Events

1. Schedule an event first by clicking here.

2. Beginning on the right hand side start by selecting either Competitive or Friendly. (Competitive matches will count towards league table but friendly matches will not.)

3. Set the¬†Mode as player vs. player for a single match. For a double match you must first add a team that consists of you and a teammate then select “team vs. team.”

3. Select the tennis court location under Venue.

4. Under Players make sure to choose yourself first, and whichever individual/team you are matching. (If you are not listed, please Create Player Profile Here.)

5. On the top right click Submit Event for Review.

6. The page will refresh and now scores can be entered under User Results.

*If you lose the link for the event in the middle of submitting a score, visit here to retrieve the event.